FVO Solutions has promised and delivered high quality results, meeting customer needs, timelines and budgets, producing desired results that have earned us the respect of long-
time, repeat customers.

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“Fantastic fulfillment company to work with. Very responsive with  personalized support, especially for young startup companies. We’ve been a customer already for over five years."
Alex Lebedev CEO, ReelSonar

Allen Rees Co.
"Nearly two years ago when we were in the process of selecting a new Fulfillment center that would be able to support our company's rapid growth and expansion, we had no idea that FVO would become such an integrated part of our overall business. With their strong leadership, good natured people and up-to-date technology, FVO has been able to keep step with our growth. Our partnership with FVO has helped us remain the leader in our high-end, fast paced industry."
Sean Neiberger, EVP Co-Founder, Allen Reed Company, Inc.

"We Make high end speakers for home entertainment systems that are very tricky in terms of achieving an even, high gloss finish.  For almost ten years we have had excellent results with the team on the line at FVO."
Gary Pelled, President, Orbaudio

"This has truly been one of those 'Win-Win' situations … It has been a win for Marriott Residence Inn in terms of productivity, manpower, and overall bottom line profit …
Michael R. Saffidi, General Manager, Residence Inn by Marriott

"… they have provided quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices …"
Jeff Orlandinim, President, Pacific Die Casting

“We have been doing business with FVO for over 12 years. We have been pleased with their service and will continue to do business with them for as long as there is a need. I
am sure you will find them just as reliable."

Jose Navarro,Purchasing, L. H. Dottie Fastener Company

"Over 15 years in partnership with FVO they have continually provided us with a pool of hard working individuals, ready and suitable for open positions at our store. At True Value, we needed to get jobs done and FVO Solutions has consistently had the right people for the job. FVO clients have been long term members of the True Value family and I wouldn’t have it any other way."
Dan Schiffman,Owner, True Value Hardware Pasadena

"The management staff is thorough and professional, and the workforce is well organized. Your services are replete with great efficiency, quality control, helpfulness and a great and knowledgeable staff."
Ed Phillips, Print Division Manager, Primary Color Printing