Supported Employment

LibraryWe provide supported employment services to approximately 70 people annually. We help individuals who have developmental and other disabilities secure and retain stable, long-term jobs with businesses in our community. Supported employment services include not only individualized job placement services that match each job seeker’s skills and interests with employer needs, but specialized on-going support. Our counselors, case managers, and job coaches are there to make sure that each person placed can truly be successful not just today or tomorrow, but for the long haul. Job coaches, for example, actually go to work with individuals and provide on-the-job guidance and training – at no cost to employers. Job coaching may be intermittent or continuous depending on what the supported employee needs most. Our goal is to match individual skills to employer needs so we create not simply positive experiences but real productivity. Everyone wins when job performance meets high standards. We partner with businesses, other nonprofits, schools, city offices, etc., to create job opportunities outside of our facility. Recent partners include Albertson’s, Altadena Hardware, AMC Theatres, Atherton Baptist Homes, Baja Ranch Market, Big Lots!, Converse Consultants, Disney Store, Flowerman, Food4Less, Gold’s Gym, Home Depot, Home Goods, Michael’s, Monrovia Library, Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery, Old Navy, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena City College, Pasadena Pet, Pavilions, Petco, Pizza Hut, Ralphs, Royal Oaks Manor, Staples, Target, Trader Joe’s, True Value Hardware, Variety Magazine, and Vons.