Who We Serve

Client with small punchesWe serve nearly 350 people annually. Over 75% of our participants have developmental and other disabilities that make it hard for them to secure and retain stable employment. Their disabilities include autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual deficits, learning disabilities, Fragile X Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, etc. Many of our participants have multiple challenges, including physical disabilities and complex health issues. For example, a participant may have intellectual deficits and visual and stamina problems all caused by a genetic disorder in combination with anxiety and depression related to living with limitations.We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing jobs for people with disabilities. Most of our participants come to us through referrals made by the State Regional Centers and the Department of Rehabilitation. We also serve at risk youth, individuals with mental health disabilities, and others who desperately need vocational services to turn their lives around. All of the individuals we serve want to work.