Employee at a computerWe provide transitional and customized employment services to help those individuals who have the most difficult challenges reach their community employment goals.

We provide job tryouts, vocational exploration, situational assessments, interview practice/preparation, resume assistance, soft skills education, and a host of other services designed to help those we serve reach their fullest potential.

Roughly 100 individuals annually are referred to us by the Department of Rehabilitation solely for job placement. These individuals typically have employment barriers other than developmental disabilities.

We provide young adults with developmental disabilities with Project SEARCH internship opportunities. The Project SEARCH model provides classroom instruction and work-place immersion training through a series of job rotations over the course of nine months. Our most recent Project SEARCH internship program was a collaborative effort with Variety Magazine, Lanterman Regional Center, and UCLA Extension.

We provide at-risk young adults exiting foster care with internship opportunities leading to the development of marketable job skills through collaboration with the Deutsch Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Workforce Collaborative.

Program & Service Detail
Maximizing the personal and economic potential of disabled individuals FVO Solutions, Inc. provides a range of vocational services designed to provide individuals who have disabilities and other barriers to employment with opportunities for vocational and personal growth. Services are focused on providing opportunities for inclusion the community. Over 300 individuals are served each year.

Eligibility Criteria
To participate in a FVO Solutions, Inc. program, individuals need to meet the following entrance criteria:

• Have a identified barrier, which substantially impedes his/her ability to secure employment

• Vocational rehabilitation services are required to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment consistent with the applicant’s unique strengths, priorities, concerns, interests, and informed choice.

• Be able to care for their own personal hygiene needs

• Be at least 18 years old

• Have no violent or other behavior which may endanger themselves or others.

• Provide relevant and up-to-date medical and/or psychological data to Foothill, and

• Have financial sponsorship arranged

Situational Assessments
Situational Assessment (SA) services utilize actual work sites to identify a consumer’s current level of employability or as part of an eligibility determination through a short term trial work experience.  An External Situational Assessment (ESA) is a community-based service that allows a consumer to observe or try out a variety of job opportunities, which may include payment of wages.  Services may be provided individually, in groups, or in a classroom setting.

Vocational Assessments
Vocational Assessment Services are limited in scope and short in duration.  Services assess basic information about a consumer’s current educational and vocational levels, abilities, and interests.  Assessment materials or questionnaires are not reflective of standardized tests, and are developed by the CRP.  The CRP will seek information through a questionnaire, an interview, and review of collateral information. 

Personal, Vocational, Social Adjustment
Personal, Vocational, Social Adjustment (PVSA) services assist consumers in developing or re-establishing skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and functional capacities to help them achieve and maintain positive employment outcomes.  This service is authorized to address one or more barriers that are preventing a consumer from successfully completing his/her Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).  Training is time-limited, individualized, and provided in the environment where the identified appropriate behavior is needed or occurs. Services are generally provided on a 1:1 basis. 

Work Adjustment
Work Adjustment (WA) services are transitional, time-limited, systematic services that use real work or approved volunteer sites, to train  consumers in the meaning, value, and demands of a job, to learn or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, work tolerance, and behaviors appropriate and necessary for work. Job sites are temporary, and not intended to become a permanent placement.

Employment Services
Through our Employment Services (ES) program, we provide quality vocational, social and life skill training to over 200 individuals with disabilities annually. We provide this training in the context of an actual working environment, where program participants are trained, mentored, and employed in diverse manufacturing and production jobs through work contracts with nearly 100 businesses. Our individualized approach allows each person to develop his or her utmost vocational potential at his or her own pace.

Our ES program prepares consumers to obtain and retain employment.  We provide guidance and direction to consumers in the development of job search techniques and appropriate work-related behaviors that will enhance their employability.  ES components provide assistance in the development of job search skills, coordination of job search activities, and identification of appropriate job openings.  Employment Retention services are designed to support consumers and employers in achieving a successful employment outcome.

Supported Employment Group & Individual
Through our Supported Employment (SE) program, we offer consumers opportunities for placement in the community. Close to 100 FVO Solutions, Inc. consumers currently enjoy employment with employers throughout the San Gabriel Valley and LA County. SE program services provide a series of services leading to the placement, support, and job retention of a consumer with significant disabilities.  Intensive Job Coaching is the primary service in a SE program. 

SE service provides:
  • Individual Placement (IP) in a competitive integrated setting and supported by a Job Coach, or  Group Placement and supervision of one Job Coach per three to eight consumers, in an integrated work setting in which consumer is working toward competitive employment. 
  • Group job coaching supports consumers only during designated work time and does not support consumers off the job.
Job Coaching
Job Coaching services provides intensive assistance and support in employmentrelated activities to promote job adjustment and retention.  Intensive individualized Job Coaching services may be provided as part of a Supported Employment (SE) Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE), or for specific short term services in support of a consumer in a non SE job.

Employment Preparation
At FVO Solutions, Inc., our Employment Preparation program goal is to help individuals who have barriers to employment make informed choices about career options. Our interns are taught using a variety of learning strategies that are suitable to each individual. They are exposed to different occupations and receive job training in careers that provide a living wage and value attitudes such as discipline, concentration, and a willingness to take on challenges.

Project SEARCH Internship
The dignity and independence of people with disabilities is at the core of the Project SEARCH Internship Program.  The program is employer-driven and is rooted in the understanding that the talents and interests of people with disabilities are as varied and individual as they are among any group. This innovative program is designed to create competitive employment in an integrated setting for each Project SEARCH intern.

FVO Solutions Inc. works in collaboration with businesses, educational partners, and funding agencies to provide an internship program bases within an employer’s place of business. Interns experience total immersion in the workforce. They rotate through several department while receiving vocational skills training and education. This successful approach facilitates a more thorough understanding of the operations, culture and workforce needs of the employer, which, in turn, allows Project SEARCH interns access to a greater variety of complex and rewarding jobs.