FVOS' buildingFVOS was founded in 1965 to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities by creating meaningful employment opportunities. We are the largest employer of people with developmental disabilities in Pasadena and enhance the economy of NW Pasadena, a historically impoverished area. We maintain accreditation status with the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and have received their highest rating, a 3-year accreditation, for the last 24 years. We serve nearly 350 individuals annually.

In 1975, we became part of the federal AbilityOne Program that provides thousands of employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities across the nation. 

In 2010, as an outcome of our strategic planning efforts, we redoubled our efforts to expand our social enterprise activities so we can truly become a self-sustaining nonprofit. Self-sufficiency through social enterprise is the key to our being able to successfully carry out our mission over the long-term. 

In 2012, we revised our mission statement to more accurately reflect our services and the evolving focus of our organization: to create jobs for people with barriers to employment. We have served populations other than those with developmental disabilities for a number of years and wanted our mission to clearly include these other groups, such as young adults exiting foster care, veterans, the mentally ill, and others with barriers that have historically limited their participation in the workforce. This active expansion and outreach will benefit our primary core population by creating a more integrated work environment resembling other diversified community businesses.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015!