Located in Pasadena, FVO Solutions, Inc. operates a clean and modern 15,000 square foot production facility. We provide immediate access to skilled labor, production equipment and procurement services.

We configure our production floor to provide the most efficient operations environment for your project. Whether your project is assembly, packaging or fulfillment, we will examine your assignment, break it into component tasks, and organize the work flow to ensure personnel efficiency, production quality, and on- time delivery, while delivering a highly competitive cost structure.

If you need powder coating services, we provide skilled work staff and the best equipment to ensure your project is top-quality. Our cleaning, polishing and coating facilities offer you complete powder coating solutions.

FVO Solutions, Inc. has our own training facilities and we thoroughly train our employees to meet your requirements. We also have warehouse capacity to stage each of our client projects, and we have forklifts to efficiently and safely manage parts and finished inventory. Our fleet of diesel trucks can pick up your parts, and deliver finished products to you, your vendors or business partners. For our national and international customers, we work with freight forwarders and Fed-X and UPS to provide cost effective choices in getting your products to market quickly and efficiently. We can pick-up and deliver your goods for a seamless solution.

FVO Solutions, Inc. can provide a total outsource solution for your production needs, and with our training facilities, deliver well trained employees who meet your specific work requirements. Give us a call to learn more about how we can economically and efficiently extend your business capabilities.